Chasing Dream

Apart from dreaming to travel the world by train, I have been working hard in trying to make it happen. I figured out that just dreaming and saving from what I am earning every month is going to be way too long. I need to do something about it. Therefore, I have decided to venture into leather product making but I do not want the efforts to be something that only pays for my travel but also something meaningful that can help the needy so the venture can be more meaningful. Oh well, the ideas are still floating in the air but the main point is 1) Leather 2) Travel & 3) Help the Needy. It sounds perfectly simple and sweet but a lot of time and energy need to be invested in addition to my job and studies. However, I believe if there is a will, there is a way!

In fact, I have started doing something to achieve my dream… Remember last year when Cynthia and I took 1-day leather making course and I made myself a wallet, I have always thought I could do better. So I decided to take more courses to master the skill of making high quality leather products. Last month I went to Bangkok and spent 4 hours to learn how to make a simple handbag. It was fun because I learnt the art of stitching leather neatly. It reminded me of stitching class I took during secondary school which I enjoyed.

After completed the bag, I started a new class in making leather teddy bear and after 4-hour, I only managed to stitch the head, ears and body. I still have the legs and hands left, which is why I am now in the plane blogging. It is my second trip back to Bangkok to complete my unfinished teddy bear project. I chose silver colour as there were not many choices for practice and the material is quite soft which I thought is easier to stitch than the harder material.

Besides teddy bear project, this is also a trip to experience my first Thai New Year, also known as Songkran Festival. It will be wet-wet-wet!


Travelling Dream


I got this map from and it inspired me!

I have always dream about doing Trans Siberians train from China to Russia one day. The dream seems to be getting stronger and I am feeling like saving up for a 20 days trip for the end of 2016. The idea is to spend Christmas and New Year Eve in different countries.

However, when I browsed the web for train information, I realised I can actually travel by land from Singapore to Europe by land! That’s really cool and I have never felt so motivated in my life before to accomplish a dream and I do feel this is going to be a very BIG dream. There are some ideas on how to raise fund for the trip but I’ll keep it low for the time being until I can figure something solid out.

Cheers to 2016. A year that is filled with inspirations!

PS: End of 2016 Trans Siberians train is still ON.

An Eventful 2015

Generally many things had happened in 2015. There were ups and downs as well as impromptu events. Whether it has been a good year or bad, it doesn’t really matter as life goes on and I have always believed that things happen for many reasons.

In February, a new puppy (Hiro) walked into our home and an old dog (William) passed in December.


Little Hiro when he was about 3 weeks old

In March, I walked 7 days from Ba’Kelalan to Bario including a hike to Mount Murud the highest mountain in Sarawak.


Photo taken by Edwin Meru about 30 minutes away from the peak

In April, I took my first ever 1-day leather craft making class in Bangkok and learnt another new skill in life.


My buddy Cynthia during the workshop in Bangkok

I also had a little adventure with Cynthia, Lili & my aunt in Yangon, Myanmar. First, I’ve found one of the most stunning cities in the world. It is known as Bagan, about 8 hours drive from Yangon. I was on time to catch both sunset and sunrise in Bagan.


Sunset at Bagan

While in Yangon, my aunt who was the passenger on Cynthia’s bicycle fell and dislocated her elbow in Myanmar’s Cultural Village. We spent the rest of the day in the hospital.


While we were in the hospital

In July, I authored a book for an indigenous forum and was launched by the chief minister’s wife, Puan Sri Hajah Jamilah Haji Anu. (Special thanks to everyone who helped, supported and contributed for the publication)


Photo taken by Zora Chan during the book launch

In September I followed Paula to join Muay Thai class and I love it. I also met some of the most amazing people who are very serious about getting fit and being really good in the sports.


Happy with my gloves

I also went for an impromptu solo trip to Phuket. It was rather relaxing. Just me and my thoughts. Strolling alone from Patong to the old Phuket town, it gave me a lot of my personal time. I came back feeling recharged and refreshed.

In November, I started Dukan Diet and lost 4kgs and of course, Muay Thai classes help.

In December, I started blogging again as I felt that I need to make time for myself no matter how busy my schedule is. ‘No more excuses’.

On top of everything, I am blessed with supportive families, great friends and wonderful colleagues. No doubt it has been a really busy year, I still look forward for another eventful year and hopefully, many more to come!

Hitting End of 2015

Soon, we will be hitting end of 2015. I just realised my resolutions for every year have been similar especially trying to get fitter and wanting to see more of the world. For this, I conclude that getting fit, losing weight and being healthy have always been priority apart from wanting to see the world.

Let me look at what have I accomplished this year and what to look forward next year.

Health & Fitness
I joined Muay Thai through walk-in classes on 14th September and registered as gym member in December. I can feel my body getting firmer and shedding body fat in every class.

I started Dukan diet since 1st November. It is solely guided by personal internet research because the Dukan website requires payment for coaching while many others are happily sharing their diet experience. I am not strict on recipes and portions but I keep to the protein days and protein vege days while taking 2 table spoons of Oat Bran everyday. I bought the Oat Bran from organic section in Everise RM11 for 500gm as well as Mady’s Organic if I am lazy to drive to Everise RM9.50 for 300gm. I like this diet as it is designed for slower progress while keeping the weight maintained. I’ve tried a few fast track diet which I had always succeeded at first and put on more than my original weight. So far I have lost 4kgs since November. More info on Dukan Diet, Click Here.

Coaching programme.jpg

Today is 27th Dec and I am weighing at 61.9kgs. I have lost 4kgs since I started the diet without online coaching but doing what I feel is best for me including intensive 2 hours Muay Thai classes once to thrice a week.


Manilla – January 2015
Bangkok – March 2015
Yangon – April 2015
Hatyai – May 2015
Hanoi – December 2015

Due to work commitment and too much travels I deferred two semesters and will work hard to adjust my time next year.

2016 Resolutions
Fitness & Health
Continue to be active in gym for Muay Thai classes and keep to Dukan Diet and trying to hit a target of 55kgs and maintain it.

Laos is important to complete my Indochina trip! Other than that, there are few more travelling plans. 🙂

To complete at least 10 courses for the year.

To keep enough fund to do minor renovation for the abandoned studio apartment.

Well, wish me all the best!

Getting Rid of Junks


The night before I went travelling. I had to unpack and pack… 1001 things lying around which made me felt really tired.

All my life, I can’t seem to organise my things properly and sometimes I got really tired of trying to tidy up the computer table, the bed, the bathroom, the makeup table, the book cabinet and the closet.

It seems like the space in my room is never enough for my personal things. It extended to the spare room especially cloths, bags and books. I’ve been trying to clear the things in my room and ended up having more and more coming in.

Well, I realised that bed room is supposed to be for bed and not for my life. Having 6 other siblings since young, I have been keeping everything in my room because somebody else needed other space and now, it’s only dad, aunt and I in the house. I should be adapting to the situation…

So my plans are:

1) To get rid of the junks from my room one. At least 1 thing per day and no excuse. If I go travelling for 10 days, 10 things will have to go out from the room.

2) To move unnecessary things to the spare rooms such as travelling bags, gym bags, tons & tons of documents and boxes and boxes of stationary which I do not need.

Wish me luck!

Goodbye William


9 years ago, mum came home from her vegetable stall in Desa Wira with a black puppy. So black and ugly with small eyes, fat, smelly and full of ticks. It was a male puppy of about less than a month old. Dad said he went to mum’s stall and she adopted him immediately.

I hated him at the first sight because he was an ugly and smelly puppy. However, dad loves him very much as he struck TOTO and 4D continuously after having the puppy at home, thus he named the puppy Lai Cai (来财) and fondly known as Ah Cai. Being me, I wanted to take part in the naming role and I started calling him William so he could behave like an intelligent and charming man (just like Prince William). So his full name was William Ng Lai Cai.

Day by day, my relationship with William got closer and closer as he became a naughty, playful, smart and handsome half breed black retriever. No longer the ugly and smelly puppy. Comparing to so many dogs that walked in and out our life, he was the most loyal and obedient of all. Although he was very-very naughty during the first two years by eating all the shoes, hiding everything he can keep at the corner of our little garden and escaped twice which we thought he died in a roadkill or kidnapped by dog eater since his fur was all black. Everybody in the family praised that he was a very handsome, strong and good dog. All my siblings love him too.

In the recent years, he was always trying to chase my car when I went out from home. Most of the time, I had to stop my car, open the back door and let him into the car for a short joy ride back to the house. After that, he would happily went into the house gate and barked goodbye in a happy tone.

My heart always felt bad every time he chased my car when he started to have weak knees, so I usually drove slower and helped him into the car. Doctors advised to get him glucosamine which I did and looked everywhere including Chiangmai, Hatyai and Bangkok for affordable options.

His health deteriorated this year. Little that we knew his weakness was not only about his knees.

One day in July 2015, I found a fleshy mole growing on his neck and took him to the vet. To my horror, he had a bigger growth of more than 1ocm behind his left ribs. (We didn’t notice because his fur were quite long and fluffy).

In October, I took him to another vet for an x-ray. That was when I had the worst nightmare finding more than 7 big and small growths inside his chest area.


I really did not know what to do but to give him better quality and comfortable life with healthier diet and supplement. His heart fell really weak on 17th December as he no longer able to walk so I took him to the vet and he stayed there for a night. On 18th December, I took him home and went travelling leaving him with dad & my aunt (Ongako) at home. Deep inside my heart, I hoped that he would passed in his sleep peacefully while I was away (part of it was I had fear to went through the death of another dog that played a big part in my life) but it didn’t happen… I came back on 19th December evening. Ongako told me that that he was barking and crying in pain the whole time since I left. He didn’t seem like he was ready to leave us but his health wasn’t improving but instead, it got worst because he peed and pooped while he was lying down. He could no longer stood or sat.

On 20th December, my family had to make a difficult decision as he was terribly weak and suffering for sharp pain inside his body. We had to call the doctor and helped him to cross the rainbow bridge. If I had choice, I would let him go naturally but he was suffering in serious pain for days. Seeing him lying there sadly on the floor and crying in pain was like having sharp knife cutting through my heart and I felt terribly helpless…

I spent the morning being next to him, stroking him gently, fed him with porridge, water and kept telling him that we all love him, don’t worry about us and be free from all the sufferings.


The doctor came and he left us at 1.00pm…

My little sister (Ing aka Elissa) sent me a voice message which I played for him as he was lying there with blank stare after the doctor gave him the final jab… He was finally free from his misery and no longer in pain.

Goodbye William Ng Lai Cai, be good when you meet Iwan, Bobby and Salven over the rainbow bridge… until we meet again. 😦

Learning Muay Thai


Back: Coach Addy Front: Me, Paula & Zora

There are many unpredicted things in life. Learning Muay Thai is one of mine. I’ve always laughed at the idea of Muay Thai because I cannot imagine myself in the ring doing Muay Thai. To cut the story short, a friend of mine Paula started the class by herself and invited Cynthia and I to join. Since I know a friend who have lost 30kgs from doing Muay Thai, I decided to give it a try, and hey! I love it!


A candid shot taken while I was in training with coach Addy in the ring.

Training Muay Thai is fun because there are a lot of cardio exercise involved and the trainer is always trying to push you to the limit. No wonder my friend lost 30 kgs! I started my first class at SS Fighters Muay Thai Gym on 14th September 2015 and have so far done 4 classes and many more to go! I even managed to get a pair of gloves delivered from Bangkok by a Muay Thai coach, Kunchit Vesarat who has just arrived in Miri 2 days ago. I took it from him at Miri Airport when he arrived and I had to catch a flight back to Kuching. I felt bad for not spending more time instead.


Me and my new pink gloves. 🙂

The good news is SS Fighters Muay Thai Gym will be opening a new branch in Laksamana Cheng Ho which is much nearer to home than the current branch in Samarak. Muay Thai is still very new to me and hopefully, I can shed some fat and do better in this sport.